Choosing the right school for your child in Sri Lanka.

Bunny Denol
2 min readMar 7, 2022


In Sri Lanka, education is elevated to the utmost importance. So, it is not rare to witness parents searching for good schools for their children and sometimes relocating as well, so children can be selected into the best schools. There are several types of institutions, starting with government schools, moving on to private schools, and international schools in Sri Lanka.

The majority of these schools follow one of the two curricula, the local curriculum or the international curriculum. Education is usually delivered in Sinhala, English, or Tamil. There is the opportunity to study a second language too.

The location of the school also has a major role in this decision. While there are various fantastic schools around the island, most people think schools in Colombo are better equipped. Given its prime location, this is true to a certain extent mostly because of the proximity to the commercial capital where there are a

lot better facilities and opportunities for the young students. Similarly, even among the international schools, the international schools in Colombo are considered to be the best.

Given the diversity, parents often find themselves with many options when choosing the right school for their kids. Undoubtedly, this being one of the most vital decisions of their lives might make these options a blessing and otherwise.

In the end, the largest impact of this decision falls on the student, so while inspecting schools in Sri Lanka for general facilities and amenities, parents must understand what their student requires better and address the precise needs they may have. Doing so will not only make the process clearer but more efficient and driven by the correct reasons.