English breakfast tea vs Earl Grey tea: What is the difference?

English breakfast tea and Earl Grey tea are both made using Black Tea. Similar to all other Black Tea blends, English Breakfast Tea and Earl Grey Tea is made using tea sourced from various countries. For example, Pure Ceylon Tea is used in the creation of both of these divine infusions. Both varieties are extremely popular in countries like England, Ireland, all over Europe and Australia.

The taste of English Breakfast Tea is a bit more peculiar than the taste of Earl Grey Tea. It is stronger and richer and contains a bit more caffeine. Earl Grey Tea is a fragrant blend which has a smoother texture.

As English Breakfast Tea is stronger, it is better with milk, but Earl Grey can be experienced by itself. A drop of lemon would, however, elevate the flavours.

The delicious taste of English Breakfast Tea has allowed it to be recognised as a gourmet tea. Earl Grey Tea is also considered one in some collections. They are uniquely developed, and the taste may vary depending on their region. If you prefer the taste of either of these great blends, make sure to try the various blends of each tea from different tea-growing countries. The ones created using Pure Ceylon Tea may have a distinguishable flavour from ones from India or elsewhere.

Nevertheless, these are excellent teas for everyone who loves a well-brewed cup.



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