Tea Estate Conservation: Biodiversity conservation practices for tea estates.

When we say that every individual, every organization and every industry can positively contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and the future of planet Earth, we mean it. One of those industries that can impact considerably is the Tea industry. Although Tea is consumed globally, some countries in the world are specialized and rightfully famous for producing Tea. These countries have Tea estates, where they plant, pluck and produce various sorts of Tea almost every day.

Being an industry of gigantic proportion, the impact of the Tea industry on the environment and biodiversity is immense.

Below are a few practices observed by the Tea estates in countries like Sri Lanka. By adhering to these practices, their products tend to get the status of being carbon neutral products.

● Reducing energy use

The agriculture industry typically utilizes a lot of energy. Tea estates shifting to renewable energy would impact their businesses by reducing costs while earning them the praise of consumers.

● Increasing agricultural productivity through organic farming

Adopting measures of organic farming must not be done overnight. How we, when properly executed over a certain time interval, is great for the producer, the consumer and the planet.

● Assist the conservation of biodiversity efforts

Measures like implementing natural corridors to support the conservation of biodiversity.

● Introduce smart tools for the conservation of biodiversity and sustainable agriculture

Using technology to your benefit would accomplish the sustainable agriculture objectives planned.

These practices are expected to be adapted by Tea producers to reduce their negative contributions to challenges encountered by the planet Earth. When industries partaking in Agriculture adopt environmentally sustainable strategies, the outcomes can be instrumental for the producer when promoting their products and for the environment and every type of indigenous species, including human beings.



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