Ten major ways to conserve the biodiversity of Sri Lanka

Bunny Denol
2 min readFeb 8, 2022

Conservation of biodiversity is highly important to the continuation of life on earth. Other species becoming extinct is a sign to us humans that our extinction is nearing. To ensure that would not take place, we have to implement massively effective and efficient policies to support the conservation of biodiversity. Conservation of biodiversity can be achieved in many areas and by all of us. There are a bunch of processes and changes we can accommodate as individuals, then businesses can contribute to the changes with sustainability research among additional techniques. Lastly, at a government level, change can be enforced strictly making the efforts to conserve biodiversity effectively at a larger scope.

Below are several ways that we can assist the conservation of biodiversity.

1. Removing harmful and invasive species from the regions where they may destroy biodiversity

2. Mitigating climate change

3. Sustainability research

4. Encouraging the consumers to purchase sustainable goods and services

5. Education on conservation of biodiversity

6. Restoration of lost habitats for the species

7. Breeding animals, who are about to go extinct in captivity

8. Building seed banks

9. Requesting the government to implement legislation

10. Designing and developing nature preserves

To conclude, every one of us has a key part in ensuring the life of each species continues like this for the centuries to come. A massive element of it is changing the way we presently go on about our lives. Mitigating waste, caring for other species, and becoming sustainable would instigate a ripple effect of positive difference in the planet, leading to successful conservation of biodiversity.