Top 5 trending technologies to learn in the IT industry

The IT industry is constantly changing to address the problems in the future so that individuals, organisations and governments can proactively develop answers. Consequently, the trends in the IT industry are also constantly evolving. Below are some of the latest trends in the tech world that are safe to assume will continue into the future.

● Cybersecurity.

As our dependency on data grows, its value also rises, which makes data a commodity that must always be protected. Those who understand the significance of data are using several ways to steal or corrupt systems, which has made cybercrime one of the most dangerous threats in today’s world. However, some specialists are already addressing cybercrime and other problems using knowledge and experiences from past work and research.

Those wanting to be one of them and specialise in cybersecurity, especially from underdeveloped countries like Sri Lanka, can enter the sector by applying to a handful of the specialised IT jobs in Sri Lanka. Such IT job opportunities in Sri Lanka address cybersecurity concerns of local or multinational clients, exposing candidates to challenges and allowing them to improve their skills.

● Fullstack Development

Full stack development addresses client and server-side software. With out specialising in one or the other, learn to excel at both and become a specialised Full stack developer.

● Blockchain.

Although blockchain still sounds vague to understand, it is summarised as a method to store data in a specific way that is hard to steal or corrupt, among other things.

● Machine Learning.

Machine learning is the science behind programmes, which enables them to predict outcomes without being directed by a human or another direct input.

● Internet of behaviors.

The research and development on why the general users use the Internet and technologies and how they sue are referred to as the Internet of Behaviors (IoB).



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